Brandable Domain Name for Sale - Branded Short Domain

The global trend today is to have in addition a branded short domain. Many companies have already have it: (The New York Times), (Facebook), (Twitter), (Google)…

Branded Short Domain for Sale

Someone uses them as "URL shorteners", someone simply places a redirect to the main site. Some companies have built businesses on the shortening service. They collect statistics (click tracking) and provide analytics to marketers. One of these companies - - has created a whole "Link Management Platform". If you’re interested, here’s a good article on it: The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Bitly: How a Free Link Shortener Became a Real Business.

Branded Short Domains drive more than just brand impressions and visibility - they can drive up to a 34% increase in CTR.

There are some good examples below of a short address being made from the name (the so-called Domain Hack - it’s easy to remember and has fewer characters):

In order to make social links a little more recognizable, most companies try to buy a short domain hack that looks something like their brand. For example, Virgin uses These links look far better than using someone else’s generic link (such as or

Premium Domain Hack

Top 7 domain hack sales:

Domain DOL.BY is for sale. If you want to buy this premium and brandable domain name, then the cost can be learned through the mail: